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MastiFest 2017 Event Online Registration Closed!!!


A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase at the gate.

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to be informed about our upcoming (invitation-only) events, please click here...

MastiFest2017 : FAQ


I have registered via Paypal Checkout. Can I please know the status of my tickets?

  • For all those who registered online, the "Receipt for Your Payment to Better Education Endowment" e-mail you received from Paypal is your only proof of ticket purchase. (Please note that the email-id you have used for Paypal Checkout may be different that the preferred communication email you have provided above.) We request you bring a printout of that email at the event. Please proceed to the Online-Registration desk on arrival. On validation, you will be issued tickets to the event in return for your printout.
  • For those who have received paper tickets -- those are your only proof of ticket purchase. Please proceed to the PaperTicket-Registration desk on arrival.
  • Kindly note that this year the Paper Ticket has a Dinner-Stub attached to it. Please take care of your Dinner-Stub as you will need to provide it to the Caterer in the Cafeteria to get your dinner-plate.
  • We appreciate your patience at the gate while the ticket validation is on-going.


How can I help towards the success of the event?

  • We thank you for your encouragement towards raising funds for MastiSpell Financial Need Scholarship Program.
  • We thank you for bringing additional friends/family and will have a limited number of tickets available to be SOLD at the gate for your convenience.
  • Magic show begins at 7:30PM sharp in the children's area. Please bring your child there a few minutes before the show as we have a check-in process for the children's area.
  • While there is reasonable parking available at the school and on surrounding roads, we strongly encourage car-pooling amongst patrons. Please do not park in any safety zones, no parking areas, loading zones, driveways/roads or block any trash receptacles.
  • Please retain your as well as your kids wrist-bands during the event.
  • Please note that Infants do not receive wrist-bands (nor tickets) for the event. We have taken their count in case we need to provide the count to emergency services.
  • Please note that food is not allowed in the dance area and pointed heel shoes are not allowed on dance floors.
  • Please note that at the event though Dandiya sticks will be provided for your convenience, they need to be returned.
  • Courtesy child-care is being provided at the event, and while we will take all due care, we request you to be mindful towards your children at all times. Your children will ultimately be your responsibility.
  • At the Dandiya/Ras/Garbha dance, our volunteers will make every attempt to assist forming "one central circle" whereby we can get to mix with everyone at the event -- your support is highly appreciated.
  • Please be mindful of inexperienced dancers as well as young dancers on the dance floor.
  • Please note that we will not be responsible for your belongings, jackets, foot-wear, etc. and hope for all to follow the honor system.


What is the dress code for the event?

While we do not have a mandatory dress code, we strongly urge everyone to dress in traditional Indian clothes. Please note that there are multiple prizes to be awarded in the Best Dressed category.

We thank you all for your participation in MastiFest2017!!!